This thesis project is a culmination of one and a half year of extensive research, design thinking and problem solving on a topic addressing the beauty standards in modern Asia.

100%You thesis

The standard of beauty is changing the face of eastern Asia. Literally. The Western idea of what is beautiful has infiltrated Asian culture and influenced how we Asian women view ourselves, making us feel unworthy, unlovable and ugly. Photomanipulations, make-up, and plastic surgeries have created hyper beauty images that no one, not even the models themselves, can live up to in real life. As a result, too many Asian women are starting to look alike.

For the 100%You event, we invited young Asian females from China, Taiwan, Korea, Thailand and Japan to participate and celebrate their unique beauty. The event gave them a chance to see beauty through a different lens by taking part in a photo-session. It was a place for young women to get their voice heard and show what makes them beautiful and one-of-a-kind. These natural portraits were then compared with photo-manipulated ones, showing these women the results of extreme surgery and getting them to appreciate the unique imperfections of natural human features.

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